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vcarl – 16-19 Feb 20

Do y'all know of a great resource that goes into PWAs beyond a surface level? not just like "here's how to write a manifest" but something talking about the high-level architecture, the vision for the standards, overall technical capabilities

dmikester1 – 18-25 Feb 19

Not sure if this belongs here or React. But I have a react web app with form inputs. I have an onBlur call on several of the inputs to perform a bunch of calculations and update values on the page. The thing is, when I use "tab" to blur the field, it is focusing on the next field. I don't want it to focus on anything. Simply blur/lose focus altogether.

hoangvu12 – 15-41 Feb 1

I want to make a script using puppeteer, go to a CF website, solve the captcha manually then get the cookies. The problem is I can't seem to solve the captcha, whenever I click on "Verify", it show the loading spinner for 1-2 seconds then refresh the page. Here is the code: ```ts import puppeteer from "puppeteer-extra";...

hoangvu12 – 03-00 Jan 23

I'm using XState to make a Blackjack game, now I want to make the dealer reveal any player's cards, but the problem is I don't know how to pass params (that input from the dealer) to the action. Here is the dealer state: ```js...

elnino_trishyo – 14-20 Jan 18

Hi. One of my friends made a loan prediction system out of python using numpy and pandas without GUI. How can I possibly contribute in that project as an amateur Web developer?

fooneyp – 18-58 Jan 16

Hey guys I was copy pasting from ChatGPT and I didn't pay attention to some weird change it made. What the heck is {reject}=require("when")??? I was only making minor changes and it did this! lol Yes a reject in a specific function uses it and breaks without it. Not even the creator ChatGPT knows what it is or does lol.
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fooneyp – 12-56 Jan 12

I have a node project that converts files so I set up workers to run faster and it does by a lot. The problem is it creates a new worker for every single file at once. With 3k files it's really bad.

nightskyjeff – 01-27 Jan 10

const feed = Readable.from([ 'abc', 'def', 'ghi', 'jkl' ]).pipe(process.stdout);
console.log("waiting for feed to finish");
await finished(feed);
console.log("feed finished");
const feed = Readable.from([ 'abc', 'def', 'ghi', 'jkl' ]).pipe(process.stdout);
console.log("waiting for feed to finish");
await finished(feed);
console.log("feed finished");

hoangvu12 – 20-03 Jan 5

Is rust faster than javascript in I/O-intensive work? I have a JS script that doing automating (fetching data and stuff, I'm planning to move to Rust because I heard that Rust is way faster than JS. Is that true?

snowberb – 09-35 Jan 2

What's better? const header = isPhone ? intl.formatMessage({ id: 'testimonials.titleMobile' }) : intl.formatMessage({ id: 'testimonials.title' }); or const header = intl.formatMessage({ id: isPhone ? 'testimonials.titleMobile' : 'testimonials.title' });...

dmikester1 – 00-53 Jan 1

I have an array of numbers that looks like this: [36, 4, 40, -40] I want to remove all numbers that sum out to zero. So in that example, I would want to remove -40 and 40 to return [36, 4].
AAlex12/30/2023 – 11-30 Dec 30

How can I make this code shorter,
if(formData && && formData.password && && formData.password.length)
if(formData && && formData.password && && formData.password.length)
First I check if the variable (useState) exist, then I check if it is object and contains email key and password key, then I check if the email and password key has any value....

elnino_trishyo – 22-59 Dec 28

Any recommendation where I can learn directly from someone using them in live projects maybe?

✅ – ✅ – elnino_trishyo – 22-54 Dec 28

Hi. I am new to the world of Web Development. Where should I direct towards after learning Basic HTML & CSS? In JS, just got introduced to Dom Manipulation till now.
Solution: is a pretty solid resource, as a list of things to consider learning. imo stick to the main 1-3 resources, the tech-specific paths imo aren't well structured