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ME<Maddie> [Evie.Codes][She/Her]4/7/2024

✅ – Can anyone help with better-sqlite3's `aggregate` method to read more than one row?

Can anyone help with better-sqlite3's aggregate method to read more than one row?
I'm using better-sqlite3 and I want to use its aggregate method but I need to have access to 2 rows, not just 1, in the aggregate step function. This is the code that works ```js filter(predicate) { this.#db.aggregate('filter', { start: [], step: (accumulator, currentValue) => {...
ME<Maddie> [Evie.Codes][She/Her]4/4/2024

eslachance – 17-36 Apr 4

Would anyone know why httponly, samesite: strict, cookie is showing as undefined , but only if I'm linking to this page from another website? doesn't matter if it's a local html file, local http server, or any other http/https server, it only works if I load the page manually via the URL, or if I link from an app that is not http-served, such as discord itself.

snowberb – 11-30 Mar 28

Imagine that im refactoring a function that does a lot of things. In this case, the handleOnClick of a button. This function has to check for some query requirements and some additional props. Im creating individual functions for the different logics that it needs. My question is, where should I store those functions? In a separate file? What if the functions needs utility functions like a dispatch and some redux-like action functions? In the same component? A very short example:...

✅ – pillok – 04-32 Feb 25

is it a bad practice to use tailwind and material ui in one project
yes. you should avoid using more than one css library/framework at a time. that said if you really need it you can manually solve many compatility issues by using the @apply feature on your tailwind.config.js, but i'd advice against it, since it's not the intended
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vcarl – 16-19 Feb 20

Do y'all know of a great resource that goes into PWAs beyond a surface level? not just like "here's how to write a manifest" but something talking about the high-level architecture, the vision for the standards, overall technical capabilities