hot-reload for class-based windowing system

hi! i'm working on a proof-of-concept windowing system in react. you can see the current dev build at the window system is class based, with a WindowManager class managing the windows and a Window class which acts as a singular window. it works based off ids, and you create windows like so:
const window = new Window("title", <WindowContents />);
const window = new Window("title", <WindowContents />);
however, the component passed to it doesn't hot-reload like the rest of the page does. i need changes to propogate from the component to the actual site so that i can quickly block out designs without closing and re-opening windows. why might it not be hot reloading? i'm using vite and tsx
nullptr214d ago
(it doesn't necessarily need to properly hot reload, i just need the window contents to update w/ the component)