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Howdy y'all! So for my project I have a server that needs to get a web socket connection to a program (that acts as a websocket server) that runs on the user's computer, to facilitate this I connection (among other things) I have created a React web app that would create two websocket connections, one to my server, and another one to the program running locally on the user's computer. And then it would simply act as a bridge, relaying everything sent from the server to the program & vice versa. My question is what npm libraries would be good for this task? Or do y'all think that just using the raw javascript websocket API would be enough? I'm already using Redux RTK Query if there's any library or websocket api that interacts nicely with this.
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Aurora499d ago
The server will not be on the user's computer, it's gonna be a regular old server running somewhere on the cloud & the server isn't implemented in node, it itself is made using Rust with actix web I guess I'll be trying to use the raw API for now, thanks!
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