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I have a bit of a web component conundrum. I need to know if it's possible to somehow... uhm.. "reverse-slot" a lit element web component. Basically I have a component that renders a component or a skeleton... but I need to wrap something from the calling parent around that render, using a slot. So here's the componet (lit element) : https://text.evie.codes/azederahuz.cs And here's what's calling it (there are a series of wrappers between those two things but ignore it for now I don't think it matters) https://text.evie.codes/arawenukiq.js my issue is, the button on line 100 of the latter (react component) should be around the contents that is in the slot at line 52 of the former (web component). I'm... not sure if this is even doable, but just in case someone out there has any idea...
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